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Central Area Boundary Study - Stay Informed: Meetings, Feedback

The next committee meeting of the Central Area ES Capacity Relief Boundary Study is this 👉Thursday, October 12th from 6:00-8:30pm at George Washington Carver Center for Arts and Technology cafeteria 938 York Road, Towson 21204. The meeting is open for the public to observe. You can view the Live Stream here: There are two meetings for public participation/feedback in November.

As your PTA, our goal with respect to this matter is to be a resource and keep you informed. You can find the link to the BCPS page with all of the available information by going to the Resource section of our website at any time or bookmark this: ⭐

Interactive map to see if your address is potentially impacted: ⭐

If you are linked up to our shared calendar we will be adding these meetings so you will automatically have them on your calendar.

Unless you are a committee member, the most effective way to provide your feedback at this time is to leave a comment here: ⭐

Public comments will be collected between Meeting 1 (September 21, 2023) through Meeting 5 (January 25, 2024). On the main page linked above you can also view all of the public comment logs to date.

We understand this a very hot topic issue and we hope you will make your voices heard through the appropriate channels so they are seen by the decision-makers who need to hear them!💛💙


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